Wild Life - Patreon July 2019 Test Build - Adeptus Steve

Adeptus Steve is creating Wild Life - An Adult RPG

Updated: 19-July-2019
Genre: 3D, Action, ADV, Vanilla,Anal,Blowjob, Adeptus Steve,Patreon adeptussteve,Deepthroat ,Patreon Game, Threesome, Masturbation ,Monster, All sex,Fantasy
Developer/Publisher: Adeptus Steve
Version: Build 2019.07.19 #4!
OS: Windows 64Bit
Language: English
Size: 2.99 GB (Unpacked 7.63 GB)

In a world very different from ours life was relatively peaceful between the tribal people in touch with the lush nature around them and the creatures roaming the woods and vast landscapes. The balance shifted when foreigners from different worlds worlds discovered the unspoiled environment and its inhabitants. Rogue criminals and vagabonds came to seek fortune and make a living by hunting and killing the majestic creatures and searching for rare, precious materials. Not only criminals developed an interest for the world, noble scholars started studying the world. They document and research the creatures and tribal people looking for ancient relics, witnesses to the times that were.

Become the heroine Maya - strong, beautiful and able to call upon her wings, her tribal heritage - in this gripping Adult Action-RPG. Roam the world from fertile forests to dry and sun-soaked deserts, spread your wings and cut through the skies of a world torn by greed and vanity. Find your own way to ensure your survival and embrace the possibilities of fighting and sex.
Maya's story is just the beginning. As development continues there will be more characters of different factions for you to experience.

Build 2019.07.19 #4
New Areas available!
Kerpali Canyon Village, the main village where our Kerpali friends now live
Canyon Hunting Grounds, nice forested area of the canyon
Updated general landscape material to represent better the different biomes that will appear in Wild Life
3 Teleporter stones now help you to get quickly to relevant locations to explore the new areas.
First Demo of Combat released (Currently only as human females - not Shey): One of the teleport stones leads you to a combat testing area with some hyenas to fight. Pickup spear that is placed in the area and press R to draw weapon, left and right mouse buttons execute light and heavy attacks respectively.
New Character: Jadeen, a Tribal lady (based on Shey's proportions)
Over 75 new sex animations (among which: gay and lesbian animations, check out the full list HERE!)
Max X Ryan, Kral X Ryan, Kral X Rawn are the pairings for gay animations
Some additional sex animation variations for a few existing poses
Implemented basic controller support (it's far from done yet but you can already try out movement and combat - UI doesnt work yet)
Added a HUD with compass (and some markers), quick access item slots (still WIP and not fully functional), health and stamina bars and action signs
Added new Spear weapon for Maya (Can be found in the combat testing area)
Added a lot of new sounds for environment, movement and combat
The Character Spawner now is permanently on the player (open it with T key)
Kerpali characters now live in the Village and no longer creep around in the Oasis
Adjusted some movement values for characters (please give feedback about how the movement feels)
Fire from fireplaces now burns you
Added some blood VFX for combat
Started implementing simulated cloth and hair (maya hair and tribal clothes and weapon feather for testing atm)
Added rabbit and fat rabbit creatures (spawnable via the character spawner). They don't do much, except for walking around and dying (death behavior not done yet).
Added ragdoll on death and death screen
Controls changed:
Flight now starts with hold F key
Camera reset now with V key
And many other smaller fixes, changes and balances

Known Issues:
Water will look strange until you lower the effects settings in video settings down and up
Nav-Mesh has some issues in some areas resulting in NPCs sometimes not being able to walk to certain areas.
Drawing weapon during flying can cause strange behavior