Framboise Errands (Pink Pencil)

Adult Porn-Game

Updated: 22-December-2018
Genre: 3dcg, bdsm, female protagonist, Horror, Insect Sex, Monster Sex,Point Click ,Adventure Game
Censorship: None
Developer: Pink Pencil
Version: v1.10 Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 569 MB

Framboise was on her way home, when suddenly forest road is blocked by old locomotion. Stupid situation, but again you need to find a way how to get out of here...
Environment seems to be full of perverts, monsters and traps.

You need to decide what to do, guess, think, suck, fuck, improvise, adapt, overcome ;
Player will meet several minigames inside, some may look easy, some may be hard.​

Developer Notes:
Our customers requested lower game screen resolution, so welcome to 1280x720.
We provide 3 executables - depending on monitor/videocard hardware, player can choose what fit the best. So, if your system supports 1280x960, we recommend to try Framboise_Errands-dlsite280-x-960.exe first. If 1280x800 is valid video mode, please try Framboise_Errands-dlsite280-x.exe. And for some modern laptops seems the best solution is Framboise_Errands-dlsite280-x-720.exe.

We hope, this game is a good sequel to "Framboise in Pervertville", and our customer will have fun with it.