The Tyrant - Version 0.6 [saddoggames]

Adult PC Game

Updated: 28-December-2018
Genres: ADV,Lesbian, Impregnation, Anal, Groping, Patreon Game,Corruption, Blackmail, romance, seduction, NTR, saddoggames,cuckold, BDSM, Prostitution,Adult Game,Porn Game
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: sadddoggames
Version: v0.6
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 1.79 GB

Change-Log v0.6
the tyrant version 0.6 is now ready. This update is a bigger one, with around 660+ render, most of them include the clothing system for Nicole. Also some other events and new daily interactions for Nicole (available at one event for now, more renders weren't possible in one month). More actions for other daily events and for the other characters are something for the next update (0.6.5).

Changelog and how to for the new events (since the ingame help system is still to buggy):

- 1 new corruption event for Alexis - to start it just play her basement event at 4am (you can start it at Alexis kitchen event daily at 8am), drug her again and choose her pussy.

- 1 new corruption event for Cassandra - Meet her on her daily event at 9am in the kitchen, go to the basement again and you'll have a new clothing option.

- 1 new love event for Cassandra - You can start it at the weekend and a special guest will join you at this event

- 1 new NTR event for Alexis - skip at the weekend the events again and it'll pop up. It's avoidable.

- the new clothing system for Nicole. You can see the poll winners in the game. The new outfits replace the normal one at the most daily events at home (except 7am, next update, and after 6pm, when she changes to naked or her evening outfit). They're available in the shop and when you fulfill the requirements, you can buy them.
In your room you'll find options to change the outfits again which you gave her before. To gift her the outfits you must use the option at 12am in dining room, I deactivated the other options for Nicole.
Some outfits have special features/actions at the new daily interactions, so you can try out what you can do. Also with some old interactions.

- around 12 new daily interactions you can do with Nicole (love and corruption) at the event at 8am in the living room. Some interactions are only visible when she wear special clothes, tip robe or babydoll. And the love interactions are only visible if her love is higher then her corruption and you have enough points, for corruption interactions the same, but some options need also the "slutification" event for Nicole at the basement.

Old saves can work, but you need to repeat some events (mostly for the 4 new ones above) and it can cause problems with the clothing system. The same when you use cheats. So it's recommended that you start a new game. With the new actions you can collect points for Nicole easily now.